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Zutone (pronounced "Zu-ton") Suntusk is a Witch Doctor and a future Tribeschief of the Suntusk tribe, of which he is currently progressing on funding. He is a 37 year old Troll with blue skins and quite large tusks.


Zutone was born in the Broken Lands where he grew up with the constant war against the humans around him. His father was a hunter and his mother a "housewife".
He was an apprentice at one of the Isles witch doctors, where he was taught a lot of the elements and the spirits. However, after watching some of the hunters, warriors and other trolls, he grew tired of the Darkspears way of living.
Upon another assault from the humans, Thrall showed up to take the trolls with him. He and his family ran aboard, although his father stayed to protect the ship. As it sailed off, he could see his father being pierced and fall to the ground.

Once at Kalimdor, the trolls settled themselves around the Echo Isles. However, Zalazane had gone mad and began to hex the other trolls. He fled to the nearby village on the shore, Sen'jin Village.
The trolls who had lived at the Echo Isles used to be nice people, but back at Sen'jin he found that the people there were just as the ones as on the Broken Isles.

Zutone had begun to found the spirits of the elements less attractive and began to learn of the animals instead. In the village, he was called a nut head for studying animals and trying to figure out their way of living. But what they did not know is that Zutone was granted more magic among the nature and the animals than he had been granted by the elements.

One day when Zutone was gone studying the animals and a few herbs, a few hunters and warriors showed up and began to pick on him because of his crazy obsession.
This pissed Zutone off and it burst out into a fight. Zutone managed to snare them all by a mountain and rush back to Sen'jin. When people asked where they were, he answered that they were off to the Crossroads.

Zutone, who was now not amused about the Darkspear Tribe began to seek for trolls who felt the same. He was planning to start his own tribe, who worshipped the nature more than the elements (although, the elements would still be worshipped). Zutone is still in the Darkspear Tribe trying to locate like-minded people to start a new tribe with.