Name: Zeverain MourningBlade

Surname: MourningBlade *all dead save for Zeverain*

Title/Nickname: None

Race: High Elf

Class: DeathKnight

Age: 100

Appearance: White hair and pale skin since becoming a DeathKnigh

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Psychology: Easily angered especially when someone gets in his way. Kills anyone that attempts to order him around or force their will on him only willingly takes orders from Darion Morgrain.

Birthplace: Silvermoon

Actual residence: EbonHold but never stays long always travelling searching for what though he doesnt know.


Zeverain witness much in his life. He fought in the Second war against the Horde. He was there when his brother was killed when the orcs set fire to the forests of qual'thalas. When the scourge attacked qual'thalas he was there to defend the outergate against the fallen prince arthas and his undead army. In the battle though he took many ghouls with him he was overpowered and slain in battle. As he lay dying Zeverain let his anger was over him. Anger at the scourge at everything near him especially at himself for failing his home and family. As darkness filled his vision the shadow of a runeblade wielding man stood over him. When he awoke he was Zeverain deathknight of the scourge servant of the Lich King. Even though his mind and will were controlled and faded by the Lich King still his anger always remaind in his mind but never could he place at to what he was angry at. Still he fed off it, letting it grow and fill him in every pore and vein of his body. When the scourge attacked the city of Silvermoon he found his family in the battle and slaughtered them all. His father, mother and sisters each the blood on his armor and blade. No remorse pain or pity only the duty to the Lich King. Only his anger. He joined the attack for Dalaran and the defense of the Lich Kel'thuzard in summoning Archimonde.

After the legion was defeated he aided in culling the humans that still remained in Lordaron. When Arthas left for northrend he remainded fighting Scarlet Crusaders, Agrent Dawn members, and the Forsaken. When his master returned he joined the Ebon Blade order under Darion Mograin.

Later at Avalon as he slaughtered the villagers and warriors of the Scarelt Crusade he felt a lessening of control on his mind but he paid little notice to it. It was only at Light Hope Chapel where he and thousands of other deathknights against a few hundred crusaders did he learn it was free will. But the lesson was a hard one for him. Even today despite his hatred to the Lich King he felt like a child being tossed aside be his father...but no more now he is his own master and never again will he be anyones slave.e here!