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The battle of AlteracEdit

The story of Venomshroud Keep and its reason to be lies in the great Battle of Alterac that took place on the valley outside of the ruined city, there the forces of the New Lordaeron and The Forsaken helped by the Syndicate clashed, in a battle that was long and exausthing for both sides, at the point that King Galen Trollbane and Lady Sylvanas Windrunner came to a duel to choose who was the winner.

So while the battle raged around them, the duel started and was an even match until Lord Falconcrest stabbed Galen in the back killing him and betraying the whole humanity.

Even tough the king of Stromgarde was slain, the battle was not getting anywhere to close, the forces of the New Lordaeron were even more enraged and ready to avenge the death of their king, at the point that they both had to give up and retreat.

While the forces of Aliden Perenholde and Danath Trollbane (who temporary took the charge of Stromgarde) retreated to rebuild Alterac City, the forsaken elite forces started to build with the help of Lord Falconcrest and the Syndicate the massive fortress called Venomshroud Keep

Building and WarfareEdit

NOTE: this part contains lore related to post 1.5 patch.

After two years the keep has been finished and the continuous skirmishes against Alterac have literally destroyed the field between the two fortresses, turnint the once snowy and silent plain into a battlefield filled with craters where battles are almost continuous.

Alterac Battlefield
Today the land is still contested between the New Lordaeron and The Forsaken, and is a vital spot to get resources for the Horde and the whole forsaken. This land grants an improvement to all metal incomes from mines and forges.