Name: Valo'za

Surname: --

Title/Nickname: ---

Race: Forest Troll

Class: Priest

Age: 47

Appearance: Old, taut, muscular Troll, daubed with terrifying face paint and a wicked smile.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Psychology: Thoughtlessly cruel and greatly desirous of power, but deeply concerned for the fate of his troubled people.

Birthplace: Witherbark Village, Arathi Highlands
Actual residence: Shandra'alor, The Hinterlands

Background: Valo'za has followed the old path of Loa worship like his father before him, and him before that. There was no doubt in the young Troll's mind that he would follow his father Muh'jin's path of the witch doctor; the power Muh'jin used against the old enemies of the Witherbark in Valo'za's youth left a deep impression on the whelpling. He studied under his father Muh'jin and the crafty old witch Juhwardi, who taught him, among other things, many interesting ways to disturb the bodies of his slain enemies.

As a ground troll, Valo'za took to wife Ejin'sha, and had two children, Moozi and Takni. Ejin'sha was a proud woman and a skilled headhunter, Valo'za had respected her art in shrinking heads long before he considered her a worthy candidate for wife - but love blossomed over the shrunken heads of their enemies, and was soon vigorously consummmated. As a young witch doctor Valo'za aided his tribe by twisting the minds of his enemies where-ever he found them, employing the darkest tricks of shadow magic and the most insidious ties with the Loa to follow the great, terrble tradition of his predecessors. As all Witherbark, he worshipped the great spider god of Shandra'alor. Unfortunately, his son and daughter were killed when Wiherbark Village was raided by soldiers, slaughtered indiscrimately. He found his dying wife and before her he vowed revenge.

Wandering the Hinterlands not far from the old capital of his race, Valo'za is a bitter, reclusive witch doctor; the increasing hostility to his people evidenced by the world has hardened a heart that had known the depths of depravity even as a child. It is uncertain what he plots and schemes as he kneels over his bubbling water and curious herbs, but it is perhaps, something rather unpleasant...