Surname: Lorgranth.

Title/Nickname: Champion Of Stromgarde, Commander of the Stromgarde Army, Lion of Stromgarde, Sir, Lord.

Race: Human

Class: Paladin

Age: 29

Appearance: Long brown hair, beard.

Alignment: Good, Pure, Alliance

Psychology: Always fights for the good and always carries around his libram

Birthplace: Lordaeron

Actual residence: Stromgarde

Background: As a young boy Rolain's favorite place was the chapel. He used to spend time with father Harrison. He used to love to listen to the priests tales of his life. At one point many people thought rolain was to be a priest but he soon learnt the ways of combat. He would visit Father Harrison everyday before and after his paladin training. One day men came in a forced our family to move to Stratholme. But before he left Father Harrison gave him his first Libram. It seemed to be an old worn out book with a gold covered spine and gold spread out on the cover. In the middle of the book was a bright blue gem. He told rolain to keep it and to carry it with him always. He continued training in sratholme and was a great fighter. One day came when prince Arthas came into the city. He was talking some nonsense and struck a citizen with his hammer! He and his brother darius hid in the well as the culling took place. His mother and Father were killed in this culling. After it was over he found his horse and both he and darius rode back to Lordaeron. It was at this day he vowed to avenge his family, but fight for the light. He realized that the culling (although horrible) had to take place in order to protect lordaeron from the scourge. Much later he joined his brother and Darion Morgrain on an expidition to lights hope. Much went wrong that day as Morgrain plunged the ashbringer into himself and His brother was killed (later raised as a death knight) And this fueled rolains anger. As Lordaeron began to fall and the scourge started to grow, Rolain fell down to stranglethorn vale. He did not associate with the goblins but instead made camp just on the shore. and decided it was his new home for awhile. Soon he learned of a new Stormwind. And he moved there and got word of Tirion Fordring. He was back and with the ashbringer in his hands. He joined his Argent Crusade and then the Ashen Virdict to help abolish the Scourge. While fighting in Ice Crown he met his brother... but in death. his brother had become a deathknight. Rolain is still awaiting words on joining the siege on Ice Crown Citidel. He Figured Joining the Stromgarde army gave him the best chance to reclaim his homeland and avenge his parents death.