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To Those provinces there are other that are not part of actual but are allies under the pact of the Reborn Alliance, that are:

All united those provinces are the new extended territory of the New Lordaeron, that cover an area vast from Quel'Danil to Thandol Span in longitude and from Pyrewood to Tyr's Hand in latitude.

Main enemies of the New Lordaeron are

  • The Syndicate - Their swornd enemies and the association that has as ultimate goal to destroy Stromgarde once and for all
  • The Forsaken - Led by Sylvanas, the Forsaken fight against the New Lordaeron to keep the control of all the continent of Lordaeron
  • The Scourge - Never defeated completely, from their last strongholds are still a big threat to the livings.
  • The Amani Empire - After their reunion under one banner and their joining with the Horde, the Amani Empire is one of the greathest threats to the New Lordaeron. In the very Stromgardian memory the Troll Wars are still a deep wound to remember...


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  • [1]Stromgarde
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