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Name: Lianara.

Surname: Dawnstrider.

Title/Nickname: The Quel'Dorei Ranger.

Race: High Elf.

Class: Hunter/Ranger.

Age: 176

Appearance:Long blond hair, Cute and friendly face, Normal height, Usually wears white, Blue and green clothes.

Alignment: Alliance.

Psychology: Nice, friendly, patient, helpfull.

Birthplace: Eversong Forest - Fairbreeze Village.

Actual Residence: Andorhal

Relatives: Khaiden Dawnstider (Twin brother, Alive) Kheldor Dawnstrider (Father, Deceased) Melyssia Dawnstrider (Mother, Deceased) Celbrian Dawnstrider (Uncle, Deceased/Unkown)

Companions: Laika (Deceased, Lynx) Sorian (Alive, Blue Dragonhawk Hatchling)


Lianara was born in the forest of Eversong, Since birth she always had a good relationship with her brother. One night, after her 17th birthday, she decided to go outside to look at the stars. While walking through the darkened forest, Lianara suddenly hears steps from behind the trees, she stops from fear then slowly turns around.

-Oh no! I hope i'm not being followed by trolls! Lianara thinks while looking around.

As Lianara hears other steps, she tries to run. But when the frightened girl turns around she gets blocked by some big and scary trolls. She didn't know what to do and was paralyzed. Just when the troll was about to attack the poor elf, a swift arrow passed through the attacking troll's head making it fall down and killing it. As she opens her eyes a ranger helps her get up.

-Are you ok? The ranger says warmly.

-Y..yes thank you. Lianara lowly spoke.

After getting up the ranger accompanies Lianara back to her home. After that she wanted to be a ranger that helps other people from being harmed.

1 year have past and it was her 18th birthday. Her uncle gave her a bow, a quiver full of arrows and a bag full of first aid bandages as a gift. She was really happy.

After many years of hard training, Lianara becames a good nurse and a good ranger. She helps the guards when they are injured.

One night while Lianara was reading some books, a strange and a cold wind blows through the village. She hears a little girl screaming outside, Quickly she rans out the house with her bow in hand, Suddenly a arrow flies to her, Quickly she looks for cover when the arrow pierced through a nearby sign post she looks up, A legion of smelling undead charges into the peaceful village slaughtering every woman men and child in their way, As quickly as possible she gathers some of the still breathing Villagers and flees into the forest leaving no message or trail for her brother