Kul TirasEdit

Kul Tiras

Capital City





Humans, Dwarves, Gnomes

Government Type

Martial Law


Highlord Tandred Proudmoore

Kul Tiras is the human nation that controls the most powerful sea forces, their navy is the most powerful of all the alliance.

The nation is extended on the isles of Kul Tiras and Crestfal, and holds partially control of Tol Barad.

Other settlements that are directly controlled by Kul Tiras are Tiragarde Keep and Tidewatch Keep in Kalimdor, they hold also a strong influence on Menethil Harbor.

The BlightEdit

Not Discovered yet.

The Expeditionary ForceEdit

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The Kul Tiras Expeditionary force is going to be define here eventually.

Siege of Gilneas and the Baradin PactEdit

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Notable TirasiansEdit

Lord-Admiral Daelin Troudmoore
Lord-Admiral Tandred Proudmoore
Roldwen Shaver
General Makonnen Raymond
Vice-Admiral Florentine Galewinds
Colonel Christopher Ravenbreath
Captain Robert Stormsail