Name: Khaiden.

Surname: Dawnstrider.

Title/Nickname: Champion of Quel'thalas / Champion of Sideros.

Race: High Elf.

Class: Paladin.

Age: 176

Appearance:Long blond hair, Friendly face, Tall, muscled, usual wears blue or green.

Alignment: Alliance

Psychology: Nice, Friendly, A men of his word.

Birthplace: Eversong Forest - Fairbreeze Village.

Actual residence: Andorhal

Relatives: Lianara Dawnstrider (Twin Sister, Alive) Kheldor Dawnstrider (Father, Deceased) Melyssia Dawnstrider (Mother, Deceased) Celbrian Dawnstrider (Uncle, Deceased/Unkown)

Background: (Chapter 1 'The little hero')

Khaiden was born in the peaceful forest of Eversong,
His father was a guard at a local Catherdral, Khaiden was sent to the catherdral at the age of five to learn more about the Holy light and the three virtues his father always spoke so highly about it each day at dinner time, You could almost say that he was making little Khaiden possessed with it, Khaiden always considered his father as a role model for himself, Where he went Khaiden wanted to go with him as his little companion, Khaiden always dreamed of heroic deeds and great atventures where he and his father became legends sadly enough Khaiden's father died at a young age of a unkown sickness that was spreading around the village. After the dead of his father Khaiden felt very sad and wasn't in the mood to talk with anyone, Luckily for Khaiden he always had a close relationship with his twin sister who was more then happy to help Khaiden though this hard period for the family.

Khaiden's mother worked more then ever since the dead of his father, Khaiden felt sorry for his mother and wanted to help her by doing small jobs around the village like gathering wood for a campire, Carrying water from the well to the local villagers if they were thirsty but Khaiden's mother forbid him, She always said that a young boy like himself shouldn't carry such heavy burden on his little shoulders. Khaiden respected his mother wishes due the fact that pain and sorrow filled his heart seeing her coming home every night with tears in her eyes. The beauty of Khaiden's mother was well known around the group of man in the village, One day a noble came to visit Khaiden's family, The noble had a giant scar in his face from eyebrow to chin, Khaiden was very scared of the noble so everytime he came Khaiden hide himself behind the long sleeve of his mother dress. The noble always laughed at him and then would stroke his massive hand over the little head of the young Khaiden. The weeks passed and Khaiden only began to felt more sorry for his mother after each passing day.

One day the noble came to visit again but not with any good reasons, Khaiden sat on the stairs while he secretly overheard the conversation of his mother and the noble, Khaiden became upset when he heard that the noble was willing to pay his mother a big deal of money in return for her hand then he left, Khaiden's mother walked crying to the stairs and then noticed the tears in the eyes of the little Khaiden who overheard the converstion, Khaiden's mother tried to calm down little Khaiden who was about to break into tears but Khaiden was more worried about his mother he knew that she wanted to cry but didn't want to do it near her little son. A week later the noble returned to the house to ask Khaiden's mother if she was ready to accept his offer, Khaiden knew that if he wanted to do something he better would do it now. So he did, Khaiden folded his tiny hands around a broom and slowly placed himself behind the giant man, The noble turned around when he heard the little boy breathing behind him but before he could do something he felt a painful smack in his face, The noble took the broom out Khaiden's hand and broke it. Khaiden stared with a angry grin to the noble who only stared confused back. Then he took a step closer to Khaiden and whispered in his right ear that he will come back one day to claim the hand of Khaiden's mother, Khaiden reached out his tongue to the noble when he walked out the house slamming the door loudly behind him. Then Khaiden started to laugh and danced around the table filled with happyness, His mother stared at him proudly.

(Chapter 2, 'Old friends')

Khaiden who now was 12 years old, Walked off the stairs with his toy sword and shield in his hands, a several minutes he played a game he named 'Fall of the Monster' Khaiden pretened he was a honorble knight fighting a fierce and dangerous monster who he called a 'Thrican' Half bear and half orc, He always used to play this game with his father but he died of a unkown sickness, So Khaiden stole one his sister's Teddybeer's or dolls and started to take some swings at it while he yelled some made up battle speeches. After Khaiden got tired of all the swinging and yelling he walked to the dinner table where a glass of milk was waiting him like every morning before his mother went to work. After Khaiden took a large sip of his cold milk and cleaned his lips he noticed a writting note on the table, at the top of the note he saw his name so Khaiden reached out for the note and took it in his small hands, It was a note from his mother asking if Khaiden could acompany his uncle with buying supplies for his store at the marketplace, Khaiden's smiled in enjoyment, Finally his first big atventure!

Khaiden ran to the kitchen and filled a little backpack full of candy and a bottle of milk then he walked full of pride out the large entrance of the house to the cart of his uncle who was already waiting for his little nephew to arrive. Khaiden jumped on the cart and placed himself beside his uncle who commanded to the two horses on the front of the cart to walk to the east direction. While they were riding Khaiden started to tell his uncle about how he triumphed over the scary noble, Ofcourse Khaiden had a great fantasy so he secretly made teh story abit more heroicly then it would appear on first sight. After several minutes they reached a open place in the woods where every week the nobles of Quel'thalas hosted a giant market. Khaiden went to the market quite often with his uncle but this time he know that a great atventure was waiting for him somewhere between those market stands,

Khaiden walked with his uncle throught the market while his uncle stared at the different kinds of market stands, Khaiden was more bussy with smiling and waving to every girl of his age that passed by, He stopped when he saw in the distance a old dwarf with a market stand full of armors and weaponry. Khaiden totally forgot that his uncle was still looking around the other market stands while Khaiden stared with a open mouth to the different kinds of weaponry, A axe, A sword, Even a crossbow! The old dwarf laughed at Khaiden and started to tell him something of interest about every weapon. Khaiden eyes were sparkling while he listened to the words of the old dwarf. After the dwarf was done telling the young Khaiden about every weapon he turned himself to the other people who gathered around his market stand, Khaiden said 'Wasn't that interesting uncle?' but noticed that his uncle was not near him, Khaiden ran through the giant market while he looked around himself for any trails of his uncle, Before he Khaiden knew it he walked up against the person infront him and fell on his rear, Khaiden quickly looked up to the person when he wanted to apologize but then he saw that the person he walked up against was the same noble that visited his mother a few years ago. The noble stared angry to the Khaiden and took hold of his shirt while he lifted Khaiden a few inches off the ground, Khaiden's swinged his tiny feets around attempting to kick the noble in his nuts so he would lose his grip of Khaiden's shirt but quickly Khaiden noticed that there was no way his tiny feets would ever make it to the noble's nuts, So he went for plan B and placed his tiny yet sharp teeths into the hand of the noble. The Noble let forth a painful yell while he let Khaiden fell onto the ground, Khaiden quickly crawled up and made a run for it as fast as his tiny feets could carry him. It didn't take long before the noble was chasing Khaiden, Khaiden ran through a long row of market stands but quickly stopped when he saw that he was closed in and the only way he could go was back.

Nervously Khaiden turned but it was too late, The noble stood already with a fierce pose behind him with a drawn sword in hand. Khaiden took a few steps back until his back was completely pushed against a crate behind him, Khaiden stared to the noble you can easily see in the way Khaiden stared that he was scared. The noble took a step backwards and made a large swing to Khaiden, What should be a swing of just a second appeared to take hours in the eyes of the little Khaiden, It was as of the world around him changed into a dark shadow that was slowly closing in around him. Khaiden shaked his head and said to himself 'I'm not going to die like this!' before the sword went through the head of the little boy, Khaiden did something he could never imagine possible, Khaiden bended his knees placed his hands against the crate behind him and pushed himself through the spreaded legs of the noble and quickly ran off leaving the noble behind him. Khaiden was completely shaking, He escaped death himself. Quickly Khaiden ran into a giant crown who were gathering at a puppet show that was about to start. In the corner of his eyes he saw the noble staring around completely confused of what happend a moment ago before walking away out of Khaiden's sight, Khaiden let out a sign of relief but suddenly out of nowhere he felt someones hand on his right shoulder, Khaiden quickly turned around fearing that this might be his last moment but instead ot he noble he expected to see he saw someone els, It was his uncle who quickly started to argue with Khaiden never to run out of his sight again but the words of his uncle passed Khaiden like wind and before his uncle was finished talking Khaiden folded his tiny arms around his legs hugging them tight, Khaiden's uncle stroke his hand over the head of the young Khaiden before taking him back home to his mother and sister.

(Chapter 3, 'From boy to man')

It was early in the morning when Khaiden now 16 years old woke up by his uncle who was yelling his name in the yard. Khaiden stroked his hands over his eyes and crawled out of bed to dress himself. After he ate a piece of bread he went outside to his waiting uncle, When he arrived his uncle was putting up a training dummy in the backyard, Khaiden stared confused at his uncle and then to the dummy, Then his uncle tells him to come and kneel before him, Khaiden listened to his uncle still not understanding completely whats going on, He took a few steps forward to his uncle's direction and kneeled down, Then without a warning Khaiden's uncle took the wooden sword that he was holding behind his back for a while and gave Khaiden a hit right on his head, Khaiden fell on the ground with his face right into a puddle of mud. Khaiden stared up still spitting some mud out his mouth and saw his uncle laughing at him. Then his uncle said never to keep your eyes off your opponent. Khaiden stood back up and stroke the remaining dirt off his clothes, Then his uncle came closer and handed him the wooden sword while he pointed at the nearby dummy telling Khaiden to take a few swings at it. Khaiden ran to the dummy and started to swing the wooden sword against it, Khaiden just imagined that he was playing 'Fall of the monster' again the game he played when he was young and that the dummy was one of his sister's stupid dolls. His uncle was yelling insults to Khaiden while he was sitting on a bench not to far away from the dummy. Khaiden tried to ignore his uncle's insults until he uncle suddenly started to tell stuff about his father, Saying that he was weak and a idiot, Khaiden's heart filled with rage and before Khaiden knew it a large amount of Adreline ran through his veins causing Khaiden to preform such a hard swing onto the dummy that the wooden sword changes into shattered pieces of wood flying around the dummy and Khaiden. His uncle smiled and Khaiden and said that he could take some rest.

A few hours later Khaiden returns to his uncle who was already waiting for him with a new wooden sword, Khaiden took the wooden sword out his uncle's hands and continued practising his swing at the dummy, His uncle took forth a flute out his backpack that layed on the ground next to the bench he was sitting on, Khaiden's uncle placed the flute against his lips at started to play a beautiful and quiet melody, Khaiden listened to the tunes while he was swinging the wooden sword as hard as he could against the Dummy then he saw a group of girls near the fence of their yard, Smiling and waving at him, It didn't take long before one of the girls took Khaiden's attention, It was a tall beautiful girl with long blond hair that came to her bosom, She stood abit shy in the middle of the group. Khaiden's uncle yelled at Khaiden to return to his training lesson, Khaiden listened to his uncle but secretly kept an eye on the beautiful girl in the middle of the group, A moment later he saw his sister coming out the house and walking away with the group of girls into the village and suddenly Khaiden remembered something, His sister was going to host a party tonight to celebrate the fact that she passed the first task of becoming a ranger of Quel'thalas. Khaiden wanted to buy his sister a present but because of his training he totally forgot about it, A few hours later the training was done and Khaiden could take some rest and dress himself up for the party but before Khaiden went to his room to get his clothes he sneaked out the house and ran to the nearby tailoring shop. Khaiden looked around in the shop looking for a formal dress or something that his sister would like. Suddenly he heard a soft voice saying 'Can I help you?' Khaiden turned around and saw the the shop assistant was the beautiful girl he saw earlier at his training, Khaiden cleared his throat and said that he was looking for a dress for his sister, The girl smiled and took a blue dress finished with yellow thread lines and held it before her. Khaiden smiled and said that it was perfect, The girl placed the dress into a bag and gave it to Khaiden before returning back to work, Khaiden walked to the door but before he opened it he turned back to the girl and asked for her name and if she came to the party of his sister aswell, The girl told Khaiden that her name was 'Lianarra Shadowforrest' and that she would come to the party. Khaiden smiled at her before walking out the tailoring shop and back to his house to dress up.

A several hours had pasted and the party had began, Khaiden talked with his old friend he knew since birth, A few minutes later his sister and her friends came into the large room, Every layed down their conversations and clapped in their hands for Khaiden's sister to congratulate her with the passing of the first test. After the clapping Khaiden went to his sister to hand her the present, Khaiden's sister who carried the name 'Lianara Dawnstrider' smiled at him and opened the present, Her eyes sparkled when she saw the long beautiful blue dress hugging Khaiden afterwards and returned to the other guests, Khaiden looked around the room until he saw the baeutiful girl Lianarra standing in the corner staring shy to the ground, Khaiden approached her and asked if she wanted to dance with him, Lianarra blushed and nodded due the fact she said that she wasn't a great dancer herself, Khaiden told her not to worry because he wasn't that great either, After a several minutes of dance and laughter Lianarra told Khaiden that she needed to go outside to get some fresh air, Khaiden nodded and came with her, Lianarra placed herself against a tree, patting with her hand the ground beside her telling Khaiden to sit. Khaiden smiled and placed himself next to Lianarra against the tree while he slighty blushed, Then when they both sat against the tree Lianarra turned her face to Khaiden's and leaned slowly in, Khaiden automaticly did the same and before he knew it he was kissing passionately with who he considered the most beautiful girl he ever saw. After they were done kissing eachother they started to blush, Lianarra stood up gave Khaiden one more kiss before wandering off back home. Khaiden smiled at her while she walked away leaning his head against the tree, A several mintures later he felt asleep,

The next morning Khaiden woke up by his uncle who was poking him into his chest, Khaiden peered sleeply at his uncle who held a long stick folded in some blue cloth, His uncle unwrapped the blue cloth around the stick that appeared to be a steel long sword while he smiled at Khaiden who's eyes started to sparkle, Khaiden quickly crawled up and took the sword out the hands of his uncle, Bowing before him deeply out of respect, Then he took the sword out its sheethe and held it up into the air while letting forth a loud cheer..

(Chapter 4 'The start of a friendship')

Khaiden woke up next to a tree in the middle of Eversong forest, Carefuly he looked around then quickly noticed a open book laying in the grass and assumes that he felt asleep when he was reading outside last night, He yawns sleepy and then stands up. Khaiden takes the book off the ground and starts to walk through the forest hoping that some fresh air would do him much good, After several minutes of walking through the forest he noticed a small river, Khaiden approaches the river and bends his knees while he folds his hands to a bowl, While he drinks some water out the river he sees what appears to be a inn in the distance up the east of the river, Khaiden strokes over his stomach and says to himself that he could use a good breakfast for once after eating bread and water for weeks, Khaiden look up into the sky and saw a couple of dark clouds not too far away from where he was standing, Quickly he ran to the inn knowning it would be a matter of time before the rain started to pour.
With a crackling noise opened Khaiden the door and closed it behind him, Khaiden looked around the room and noticed that this inn was filled with people in low qaulity clothing, Probably thieves and mercenary's, Khaiden saw in the corner of the room a small table with a candle on it but before he even had a chance of approaching the table he felt a hand on his shoulder, Khaiden quickly turned around and saw a young woman in leather boots that reached to her knees and a small whore looking outfit, The whore stared at Khaiden while making a sexy pose and started to speak with him.

'Hey.. Muscular hero.. Interested in rescueing this naughty princess.. I dont ask so much for a hero like you..' Said the whore with a deep and sexy voice.

'Euhm.. No thank you my'll lady perhaps another time..' Said Khaiden with while he made a swallowing noice in the back of his throat.

'Aw.. Are you sure.. I would love to pleasure a muscular young man like you..' Said the whore still trying to seduce Khaiden.

'I said no thank you, Here you have some gold coins now please leave me alone..' Said Khaiden while handing ten gold coins to the whore.

Khaiden quickly turned away from the whore and went to the table in the corner, Khaiden took a seat around the table and stared around'

Khaiden started to think about his father wondering what kind of man he would be now and if he would join Khaiden in atventures, Suddenly Khaiden heard a loud smack on the table quickly he stared up, Two young man took a seat at the same table Khaiden was sitting they both stared at him, Khaiden stared back while he raised his eyebrow confused, One of the two young man placed three cups of tea on the table and reached one out to Khaiden then asked for his name, Khaiden told the two his name and quickly asked for theirs, They both responded, 'Aein Duskbane' and 'Anandor Dawnchaser', Khaiden stared to their clothing and weaponry quickly he noticed that they were hunters or mercenaries.
After several minutes of talking and introducing themselves they heard a loud painful yell in the room, Quickly they stared to the direction of the painful yell and saw a young waitress getting hit by two tall man, Quickly the three stood up and approached the two tall man and the young waitress,

'Stop that!' Said Khaiden

'Or what little boy?' Said one of the tall man with a scar in his face'

'Or we will throw you out of this inn' Said Aein'

  • The two man started to burst into a laugh*

'You three little boys think that they are a match against the Bloodfist twins?' said the other tall man.

Before Khaiden could even say something reached Anandor already for his bow and an arrow, One of the two tall man took a step forward and kicked Aein in his stomach causing him to fall onto a table and breaking it into two pieces. The other one made a swing with his massive fist to Anandor, Luckily Anandor saw it coming and bended his knees to dodge the fist, Hitting an old lady behind him who smacked onto the ground. Khaiden reached for the handle of his blade and took it forth with a quick move of his hand. Then Khaiden quickly made a move to his right slicing the sword over the arm of one of the tall man creating an open wound. The tall man screamed it out when the cold blade sliced through his flesh, The young waitress ran away from the group fighting man and left the inn to look for a guard patrol. One of the tall man took up a chair and threw it in Khaiden's direction, Anandor yelled at Khaiden to warn him about the incoming chair but Khaiden was to bussy fighting the other tall man, The chair came against Khaiden's back and brought him onto his knees not long afterwards the tall man he was fighting with gave him a punch against his face causing Khaiden's nose to bleed. Khaiden quickly reached for a broken piece of the chair and threw it to the tall man, The tall man was able to dodge the flying piece of wood but his brother wasn't paying that much of attention to Khaiden, When the other tall man turned himself to Khaiden it was already to late the flying piece of wood smacked against his face scrathing an open wound over his cheek. Anandor took this chance and kicked the tall man onto the ground while Aein took forth two short swords and held them against the throat of the laying man. Then Anandor and Khaiden both took an chair and slammed it onto the other man bringing him to the ground and eventualy slamming him unconscious. Then when the fight was over the young waitress ran into the inn with a group of guards to arrest the two tall man. They discovered that their was a bounty on the heads of the two twins, It wasn't a big one but it was enough to feed themselves for atleast a couple of weeks, Khaiden went to the Young waitress with his share of the collected bounty trying to convince her not to stay there because its too dangerous, The girl was lost in her thoughts for a moment but then agreed with Khaiden, Khaiden smiled and gave her his part of the earned bounty so she was able to atleast feed her for a couple of weeks while searching for a new place to settle and to work. Anandor and Aein took a few steps forward to Khaiden and the young waitress, They also were willing to hand their part of the bounty to her, The girl smiled widely and gave them all a hug and a kiss on their cheek, The three blushed slighty and waved the girl farewell, Anandor and Aein gave Khaiden an handshake and told him if he ever needed some help he could always count on them, Khaiden thanked them before
heading home to his family and to tell them about his glorious deed.

(Chapter 5 'A day to remember')

Khaiden was now 22 years old and had practised a couple of years in a row to learn the virtue of his sword.
One day he signed himself to the Quel'Thalas Wardens.
Despite the odd forest troll, murloc, or gnoll every now and then,
Khaiden saw little action, and a peaceful tranquility had descended upon the forest.
He remained, however vigilant, knowing that peace - however refreshing- was tenuous at best.
One day, just a normal day, Khaiden and his group had been out putting down another forest troll camp.
When they returned they saw Cultists at the borders of Eversong.
They attacked and killed everyone, except one, they asked him why they are here...

-Why are you here!?
Khaiden roard at the Cultist

-I will tell you nothing!
The Cultlist cried out

-If you don't tell me I will cut your head off
Khaiden said

-Okey, okey! Wait don't! It's the scourge! They are comming!
The Cultlist cried out...

Khaiden killed the cultlist and ranned back to the General.

And told him the dire news...
The defences was set out and the High Elven army was ready for the assult..
As the scourge draw closer to the gates of Quel'thalas.
For days Khaiden stood on guard at the Gates Of Quel'thalas, Missing his sister most deeply,

Suddenly he heard a yell of a young messanger.
Khaiden and some other Wardens ran to the direction of the sound when they arrived at the messanger they noticed that he was surrounded by a group of Skeletons with clubs.
Quickly they drew their swords and rushed up to the group of Dirty living corpses, After several minutes the fight was over, Bones and blood covered the ground.
The messanger backons Khaiden over and told him that more of the undeads are coming in great numbers and that they already reached some of the nearby villages.
Khaiden was afraid that the undeads already reached his own village so as quickly as his steed could carry him he rushed through the forest until he arrived at his own village.
Tears filled his eyes when he only saw a pile of rotting flesh and bones and burning houses.
He tied his horse at a nearby tree and decided to have a look around for any survivors.
He made his way to the middle of town then felt on his knees hanging his head in regret.
His mother hanging on a gallow before him..
Suddenly he heard the voice of a small boy next to him, Khaiden turns around and recognizes the child,
It was the son of his neighbours.
Khaiden kneels before the small child and asks him what happend here.
It took a while before the child opened his mouth and told Khaiden what happend.
It seemed that the undeads plundered the village for supplies and for fun they murdered everyone on their path.
Khaiden asks if the child knew where his sister went, The child shakes his head and tells him that she ran with some other villagers to safety.
Khaiden nods slowly and takes the child with him back to Quel'Thalas so he could tell the news to his General.

Khaiden left the child at an local Orphan house when they arrived in Quel'thalas and made his way to the millitary Part of the city.
With pain in his heart Khaiden told the news about the undeads that burned and slaughtered the whole village.
He also tells about the group of survivors which fled into the forest.
Khaiden asked if he could send a group of soldiers to look for them.
The general shaked his head and tells him that they are probably already dead and that Khaiden should lay himself down with that fact.
Khaiden didn't believe the words of the General and said that he will do it himself then.
The General called him a fool but Khaiden already left the office.
Now sworn to find his sister and the other survivors Khaiden dwells over the plains of Azeroth searching for his sister in the hope that one day they shall be united again to start a new life..

(Chapter 6, 'A helping hand')

The weeks passed while Khaiden searched for any trail of his missing sister, He was on the edge of giving up until a loud scream took his attention.
Khaiden hurried as fast as he could to the direction of the scream when he arrived at the center of the attention he saw a old man laying under a fallen tree.
Khaiden walked to the laying elf and began a conversation:

'By the light! what happend to you poor fellow?' Khaiden said.

'I was cutting wood for my fire.. The tree fell on me before I could make a run for it' Answered the elf.

'Let me try to lift the tree so you can crawl away' Khaiden said.

'Its probably to heavy, Look for my axe it needs to be here somewhere..' Said the elf.

  • Khaiden searched for some minutes until he finally saw the axe laying in the grass and took it up'

'Alright.. Keep still I dont wish to cut any of your limbs off'

  • The elf layed down quiet while Khaiden slammed the axe on the fallen tree'

'Almost through.. Just a few more swings..' Khaiden said.

'hurry up please, I believe I broke my leg!' Answered the elf.'

  • A moment later Khaiden cutted through the tree, Now able to lift it up so the Elf could crawl away'

'Alright crawl away, I can't lift this tree forever..' Khaiden said

  • The old elf crawled away under the tree and placed himself against a rock staring at his broken leg'

'Please.. Can you do me one last favor, Help me with me leg?' Said the elf.

'Alright.. Keep it still, This may hurt alittle' Khaiden answered.

  • Khaiden placed both hands around the broken leg, Whispering some words which quickly caught up by the wind'
  • A moment later the leg and Khaiden's hands start to glow while a holy beam surrounds them*
  • The old elf stared confused at his leg which now was completely recovered*

'I can't thank you enough! Please how can I reward you for your service to a old men?' Yelled the elf out.

'Well.. Perhaps you know something about my sister, She fled from our village a weeks ago, I'm still looking for her' Khaiden answered

'Aah.. I'm sorry to hear so.. Whats her name?' Said the elf.

'Lianara Dawnstrider, Long blond hair, Friendly face. Just as tall as me' Said Khaiden.

'I'm sorry.. But I dont know any person with that name nor with that Description
you gave me.' Said the elf

'Very well, Thank you anyway' Said Khaiden

'Wait.. I've heard rumors of a Powerful sorcerer, Perhaps he could help you finding your sister?' Said the elf.

'Where can I find him?' Said Khaiden

'He lives with his daughters in a tower at the beach of Eversong forest, I will take you there if you want' Said the elf

'Hmm, Very well, Due this journey might be dangerous, It has only been a few days that Arthas and his minions left Eversong forest' Said Khaiden.

'Its the least I can do as to repay the favor of saving my life.' Said the elf

'Thank you, Forgive me for my curiosity but whats your name?' Said Khaiden.

'My name is Elthor Hopechaser' Said the elf

'Khaiden Dawnstrider, A pleasure to meet you' Said Khaiden

'Well then, Lets start our journey togheter!' Said Elthor

And so traveled Khaiden and his new friend Elthor to Eversong forest to find that so called Powerful mage.

When they arrived at the edge of Eversong forest they decided to take a rest and put up their camp for the night.
After the camp was set up they spoke about their families and their plans for the future around the warm campfire.
A few hours later they went to their tents to sleep.
Hours pasted until suddenly Elthor ran into Khaiden's tent.

'Wake up! wake up! Bandits, We must get to the tower now!' Said Elthor

'Alright alright, Let me get my armor and weaponry real quick!' Said Khaiden.

They ran into the forest chased by a group of bandits.
A arrow flew by only a few inches away from Khaiden head.
Quickly they noticed that the bandits came after them on horseback and that they weren't able to run much further before the bandits reached them.
Khaiden told Elthor to seek for cover behind a tree in the hope the bandits would pass him and chase Khaiden.
Elthor was scared to death and did as Khaiden said, He took cover at the first tree that passed him.
The bandits as stopped as they appeared passed Elthor, Now chasing Khaiden.
When the bandits finally reached Khaiden, They threw a net around his feets.
Khaiden fel on the ground with a loud smack on his.
Khaiden stared up to a old but fierce looking bandit, Probably the leader of the group.

The bandits untied Khaiden and placed him on his knees, One of the bandits drew his sword and placed himself next to Khaiden, Waiting for orders of his leader.
Khaiden stared at the bandit next to him, Smiling widely when he saw that the bandit appeared to be still drunk and barely able to stand on his own feet.
The others bandits started to form a circle around the leader shouting loudly about what they should do with Khaiden.
Khaiden saw that they weren't paying attention to him so he quickly the chance of escaping.
Khaiden Quickly stood up and kicked the feets of the bandit away under him.
The bandit dropped him sword as he fell onto the ground.
Khaiden quickly took up the sword and pointed it to the group leader who now placed himself infront of Khaiden.
The leader stared suprised to Khaiden when the top of the sword almost reached his throat.

'Lets make a deal.. A fight You against me until the death..' Said Khaiden

'And what if you win?' Said the leader.

'Then your bandits will let me and my friend walk out of here unharmed' Said Khaiden.

'And what if I win?..' Answered the Leader.

'Then you can have everything me and my friend own..' Said Khaiden.

'You got yourself a deal young man..' Said the leader

Without any warning the Leader swinged his giant hand to Khaiden's face, Hitting it and causing Khaiden to take a few steps backwards.
The bandit leader reached for his massive axe, swinging it widely to Khaiden.
Khaiden quickly bended his knees, The axe swinging above Khaiden's head only missing him by a inch.
Khaiden reached for his sword and sliced it through the bandit Leader's knee.
The Bandit leader screamed it out when the top of the sword reached out the back of his knee.
The bandit Leader raised his feet, Kicking Khaiden right in his face.
Khaiden fell on his back with his sword in hand.
Quickly Khaiden stood up only to recieve a couple of punches in his stomach.
The bandit leader laughed hard seeing Khaiden spit out blood every time he punched his fist into Khaiden stomach.
Suddenly Khaiden grabbed the fist blocking off the blood veins to the hand, Then cutting it off.
The Bandit leader stared hopelessly how his hand fel onto the ground, Blood kept flowing out the open wound.
Due the fact the Bandit leader was missing a hand he kept on swinging his axe to Khaiden hoping to slam it into his shoulder or head.
Khaiden took a few steps backwards placing his back against a nearby tree.
The bandit leader screamed out a fearsome roar before Swinging his axe to Khaiden's head.
Khaiden bended his knees again, Laughing when the axe slammed into the tree instead of Khaiden's head.
The bandit leader's fierce roar changed into a cry of a little girl when he noticed his axe was stucked into the tree.
Khaiden raised up, Places his arm back then moving it straight to the Bandit leader's head.
A moment later Khaiden's sword was completely pierced through the head of the bandit leader.
Khaiden took his hands off his sword then kicked his boot against the lifeless body so it fell onto the ground leaving a trail of blood along the way down.

The bandits stared confused to Khaiden, They couldn't believe that their fierce leader was dead.
Due the fact they didn't want to let Khaiden and Elthor go but still they did out of respect of their leader.
Khaiden walked to the tree where Elthor took cover.

'Those bandits will not be chasing us anymore, My friend' Khaiden said.

'Euhm.. Alright.. Lets continue our journey then..' Said Elthor with a scared voice.

So they walked the last miles through Eversong forest.
When the tower came in sight they cheered in victory.
Khaiden gave his thanks to Elthor for his help and that he is always welcome to visit him when he is united with his sister.
Elthor gave Khaiden a friendly handshake and wished him best of luck before wandering off into the forest.
Khaiden smiled widely to the tower at the beach, Then made his way to entrance.. hoping that the Powerful sorcerer of the rumors could help him in his quest to find his dear sister..


As a star shines forever, As hope will never falter, This I promise.

In war, there are no unwounded soldiers.

The tragedy of war is that it uses man's best to do man's worst.

People are at war with each other because each person is at war with himself.

We kill because we are afraid of our own shadow, afraid that if we used a little common sense we'd have to admit that our glorious principles were wrong.

We have failed to grasp the fact that Mankind and the Elves are becoming a single unit, and that for a unit to fight against itself is suicide.

Anyone who has ever looked into the glazed eyes of a soldier dying on the battlefield will think hard before starting a war.

If you wish to be brothers, drop your weapons.

A day of battle is a day of harvest for the Dark God.

The aim of military training is not just to prepare men for battle, but to make them long for it.

The chariot of peace cannot advance over a road littered with cannons.

You're not going to get peace with millions of armed men.