Surname: Sunrunner.

Title/Nickname: The Ranger

Race: High elf

Class: Hunter.

Age: 153.

Appearance: Young high elf with black hair ,wearing blue leather gear.

Alignment: Good, Lawfull

Psychology: Quiet elf, his always for justice. Kellan respect every one and want to help him.

Birthplace: Silvermoon.

Actual residence: traveling


Kellan was one of the sons of Auric and Talestra. He is the younger son. Vedar was born eight years befor Kalen. His father was in the army and his mother was a jeweler. They lived in bigger house in Silvermoon.Auric was archer of Silvermoon amry and he fought in many wars next to the Kael´thas. Talestra was famous jeweler.

Kellan like to hear his father's stories about heroes he magic. Often the schol he played as a paladin who fights against the undead. One day when his father walked around the forest where Kellan was playeing Auric noticed that Kellan is ready for training. On the next day he took Kellan and Vedar on the training ground where they were taught how to use a bow. Kellan was not very excited he wanted to taught how to handle a sword and shield but his father told him that every paladin must have archer that will protects him from back.

Kellan asked his father: "But still paladin has sword and shield and archer has only stupid bow” and father told him:” Kellan bow is not only weapon what we use.” After this words Aurics lynx Kael came from behind. In that moment Kellan forgot on sword and shield and wanted to become archer same like his father. Every day after school he ran home and began training with his brother. When Kallen finished school he joined Silvermoon army like young archer. After long 10 years in army he decided that he leave army and go look for adventure. When he wanted to leave home father stoped him and told him:” Kellan my son, I was waiting for this day when you become young man here please take my lynx Kael, he will protect you same how he protected me. And do not forget that every paladin need his archer.” Kellan thanked father turn around and left Silvermoon with his new friend Kael.