Name: Ferador Woulfbane

Nickname: Claw

Age: 21

Race: Human Worgen

Birthplace: Gilneas

Appearance: Young, Handsome, Strong.

Phsycological: Devious, Smart, May have some anger issues.

Born and raised in Gilneas he was a young boy that did not get much attention, His father worked as a Blacksmith and his Mother out of necessity was a whore but the father never knew she was he just thought that she went out with her friends every night, He was too young to know what was going on with the family, Claw trained every day to be a strong fighter to get his father's approval for his father wanted him to do something proper and patriotic with his life such as joining the Gilnean Army but Young Claw did not want to for he wanted to sell weapons, His mother was worried as she thought we would get into the wrong people and ends up doing very bad things..So when Claw was 17 he made his own knife out of the metal in his father's workshop, He was working on it ever since he was 15, The knife was quite large and had a mammoth's tusk handle and on the handle was the Gilnean sign engraved into it. On Claw's 19th birthday He went out with a few friends for a few pints in the local pub and when he got back his mother and father were slaughtered, He looked around and seen his mother's panties taken off knowing she got raped and by looking at the father he knew that he tried to stop it, Suddenly Claw was hit from behind and brought into a lab and beaten, The scientist were doing tests on him, Trying to make him a super soldier for the Gilnean army, But they failed, Instead they gave him a few scars and the skin started to burn, Eventually he recovered from the burnt skin, Then kept him there for a few weeks until they took him to a somewhat sorcerer who enchanted a few words and caused pain in Claw's head and his mind was corrupted and they threw him into a room on his own, He slept for a few days and each day he dreamt of beasts running around Silverpine forest, He then woke up and they knocked him out yet again throwing him back into his home, From that day forward whenever he got angry he would turn into a vicious beast or whenever there was a full moon, And from that day forward he took an oath that whoever killed his parents and turned him into the Worgen he would hunt down and kill, But he knows that it is not going to be an easy task, for he will need friends and allies to help him take his vengeance upon those people.