Name: Edward I

Surname: Luther

Title/Nickname: the Farmer

Race: Human

Class: Hunter

Age: 30

Appearance: Wears a hat.

Alignment: Good Neutral

Psychology: Has a farmer accent and picks a fight with anyone who enters his crops uninvited.

Birthplace: Southshore

Actual Residence: Fields of Hilsbrad


Edward is like every other farmer in Azeroth, only that he isn't married. He loves feeding his animals and harvesting his crops. He always wears a hat which he also loves alot.He is looking forward to make a family with someone, but so far no woman tried to marry him. Edward had a love, once. She dumped him for a knight in shiny armor, and becouse Edward was poor back then. Edward also loves fishing, which he does at occasions, and also drinking. He doesn't like Elves... He thinks they take vegetation too seriously and should relax from times to times.In other words, Edward is just a typical farmer.