Name: Deyn

Surname: Dawnsinger

Race: High Elf Class: Paladin Age: 126 Appearance: Deyn is tall, normal sized and muscles are normal. Alignment: Neutral - Good Psychology: Deyn is very arrogant, but she can be wise if she wants to be.

Birthplace: Quel'Thalas Actual residence: Southshore

Background: Deyn was borned with her mother and father in Quel'Thalas. In the begining, her family where at her much, but when she became older, they went out on guarding and missions, leaving Deyn alone. But at the end of the days, they came home. Her mother teached Deyn how to be arrogant, saying the men like it. Deyn became arrogant by this way of her mother teaching her it. While her father trained her muscles. But when her mother didn't train her, she was reading books and learning history and how to be "wise". The ages went and when she became old enough, she became a junior recruit in the Army. She always walked home at the end of the days, except wen one or both of her parents had missions to take care of, then they could maybe come back the next day, or it could even take a week. But in the end, they always came home, while some in the army died on the missions. Deyn was relived that they always returned. But one time, her father never came home again. First a week passed, then months, then a year, her father never came home again. She was scared of her mother also never coming back, and one day, it happened. Her mother didn't come home either. She created a table of memory in the house, to haev them never forgotten. She thought her life would just go on, but one day, the Scourge attacked. Deyn couldn't handle the attacked and knocked out, but was reported K.I.A. She woke up with her head bleeding, with people yelling everywhere, with people dying everywhere. Deyn figured out she had to escape to still be alive. She crawled out, over the dead bodies and used them as a disguise to think that she was dead, as she moved slowly out to a boat. She saild away from Quel'Thalas, escaping the attack, escaping the dead parents, escaping her home. She sailed for weeks and finally reached land, hungry, cold and thirsty. She reached the swamps of Wetlands, but she couldn't walk long before she colapsed. Lucky for her, some guards patrolled the area and saw her, they quickly took her to Menethil where she got food and water for her to eat and drink, since she've only drinked Sea water to survive. After days of fever, she was finally ok and ready to travel on the world of azeroth. She ventured from Wetlands to Hillsbrad, and are now going around there, trying to find friends, maybe, even more than friends.