The Darklands are the home and domain of the Dark God, whose throne lies deep within Blackrock Hold, the hideous fortress that dominates all the land around.

Before the Dark GodEdit

The Darklands were once called Burning Steppes and were the homeland of the Blackrock Clan, Dark Iron Dwarves and the Black Dragonflight, not to mention Firegut Ogres and a variety of beasts and elementals. The land was dangerous but not deadly for the experienced adventurers.

Blackrock Mountain used to doinate the scene with his fiery image, and once the greatest evils beneath the mountain dwelled into the Molten Core and Blackwing Lair.

The Dark God's arrivalEdit

As the Dark God awoke in the depths of Shadowforge City, the lands started to shake and tremble under his newborn power, and soon the influence of the dark god started to twist the land to his will

The rocks started to break and fly, the old blackrock holds got destroyed in the earthquakes and magma started to flow in new massive cracks

Eventually, the massive, hideous and shadowy Blackrock Hold surged up from the torn heart of the mountain, destroying all the lands around the keep and leaving only devastation behind.

The original denizens of the Burning Steppes were forced to flee away, the Dark Iron Dwarves fled to the Broken Highlands, the Blackrock Orcs fled north to seek safety into the Badlands.

The Darklands todayEdit

Now the Darklands are a place of death and destruction where massive elementals, war golems and demons wander freely unleashed from Blackrock Hold, with the ultimate purpose of destroying the world of Azeroth and turn it into a place of massacre and violence.