Corin's Crossing is the most northern settlement of the New Lordaeron and is the last town that didn't fell under
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Corin's Crossing as it looks like after the Redemption

Scarlet control.

Corin's CrossingEdit

Corin's Crossing is in the middle of [Lordaeron] and is the main settlement of Stromgarde in this land. Here Lord Maximus Adams used to command the forces along with King Galen Trollbane to repel the Scourge attacks. But after Maximus' death during the battle of Hammerfall and Galen's death at hand of Lord Falconcrest, the city is now ruled by a mayor loyal to the New Lordaeron.

The city counts 2500 abitants and is garrisoned with troops from Stromgarde, Dawnstrider Harbor and Aerie_Peak. The joined forces are a good defensive barrier for all scourge and troll attacks.

They used to battle for a long time with the Scarlet Crusade but eventually they joined up the New Lordaeron and even helped them to fight the Scourge.

The Battle for DarrowmereEdit

Not discovered yet.

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Corin's Crossing, Lake Merendar and Corin's Glade