== Bartholomew Strangelove==


Race: Human

Class: Engineer

Age: 28 Appearence:

Bartholomew is a redhead with green eyes and a goatee. He is not particularly tall, but is strong and healthy looking. He will most likely be found wearing his uniform of the Royal Stromgarde Corps of Engineers, otherwise he likes bright colored clothing.


Alignment: Lawful Good

Psychology: Bartholomew is a happy-go-lucky type of man. He is happy with his life, proud of his accomplishments and always looking to make new friends. He has lived a stable routine for the last few years until a certain lady waltzed into his life and changed everything. Birthplace: Stromgarde Actual residence: Refuge Pointe

Background: Bartholomiew is born to the Stromgarde branch of the Ravensbrook family. He is a cousin to Berthold Ravensbrook, and the two are very close.

As a young man, Bartholomew lived a peaceful life with his family within the walls of the oldest Kingdom in the human lands. He remembers clearly the times of trouble that came after the third war. When the King was assassinated and the Syndicate and Ogres came in, his family fled to Refuge point.

With the subsequent rise of Stromgarde, there was an urgent need for carpenters, architects, builders and engineers. Seeing an opportunity for long term employment, Bartholomew began his apprenticeship as an engineer, working on the reconstruction and expansion of the capital and also that of Refuge Pointe.

With the cities rebuilt and the power of the Kingdom stabilised, the demand for construction work declined, but the Kingdom was eager to retake it’s place in the world and so turned to new objectives, like acquiring possessions in the north. To do so, there was a significant increase in military funding, and large scale recruiting for the armed forces took place. Bartholomew had no actual combat experience, but his qualifications as an engineer made no doubt and he was a given a specialist’s rating in the Royal Stromgarde Corps of Engineers where he has supervised the construction of bridges and other structures for the military campaigns. For the last while, he has been posted in Stromgarde itself overseeing mass production of weapons, more specifically rifles and artillery pieces.

Bartholomew’s life was on the right track. He liked his job and made a good living. All was well until a woman from abroad came to visit, and turned his life around.